Senior Sessions

This is their year. Celebrate the amazing person they've become. 

This is it - senior year! Soon they’ll be out, taking the world by storm, and I’m here to help you give them an awesome send-off.

First, I’ll speak with either you or your senior in order to get an idea of who they are — what drives them? What are their plans after high school? What do they like to do? — in order to plan a session that fits who they are. This can be done over the phone, or in person.

Next, we hold the session. For 1-3 hours, we’ll capture who they really are. Sessions are often filled with chatter, laughter, and the occasional groan when I make a bad joke. Session time includes as many outfit changes as they’d like, and meaningful props and instruments.

Finally, after some editing time, we’ll meet for your purchasing session, we’re you’ll be able to pick your favorite images to print! I’ll be there to help as little or as much as you need with design and planning.

So how much does this cost? Well…that depends on a few factors, and a phone call is suggested for the most accurate quotes. That being said, a few things stay constant: Your session fee, needed to reserve your day is $250. Prints, canvases, and albums are all available separately, as are collections consisting of my most popular products — collections begin at $850. Makeup and hair can be reserved for a $200 fee. Design assistance and artwork delivery are complimentary.

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