N's Senior Portrait Session

So I taught high school for a very short stint. Okay, I substitute taught. And I loved every minute of it. Maybe I was just lucky, but every class I had was filled to the brim with funny, bright, clever kids who riffed with me like professional comedians. Every day was an absolute blast. 

When I first met N (who asked that her full name not be used for privacy reasons), she took me back to those days in the classroom. Where most of my consults are about getting to know one another, this one felt more like meeting up with someone I'd known for awhile. N's easy smile, sharp wit, and hilariously offbeat sense of humor were great, and wanted nothing more than to capture that during our senior portrait session. 


Another amazing thing about this girl: she and her mother are history and drama buffs, and so it was imperative that the wardrobe be anything but ordinary. When she arrived with this beautiful dress, I knew we were going to wind up with something special. 


Golden Gardens Park in Seattle had a beautiful beach that allowed us to showcase not only her dress, but how her presence interacted with her surroundings. 


So many times, people stopped her to tell her how beautiful she looked, and as true as it already was, it became more so the more she heard it. Her smile was wider, her laugh became louder, and it was infectious. Every time I see images from this session of her laughing, I still smile a little myself.


It started to get cold shortly after, and so we had to head home. We walked back to her mother's car together -- her, her mother, and I -- laughing and joking. It honestly felt as if we'd been there for a much shorter time than we were. By the time I'd climbed into my own car, I'd realized just how great it was getting to meet N and her mother. I can't say enough how lucky I feel to get to meet people like them every time I work. 


To N and her mother: thank you both for entrusting me with this. It was an absolute joy to have worked with you.