The Manleys' Family Photo Session

It's amazingly easy to become taken with the Manley Family. 

During our family portrait session, there was a comfort and a closeness that reminded me of why I do so love my line of work. Mom, Dad, and their three children (and, at times, their sweet doggie) were a blast to capture, and seemed so happy to be there -- it was infectious!


We shot in Seattle's gorgeous and sprawling Greenlake Park, which made for a varied and interesting session. 


Perhaps my favorite thing about this session was the closeness between the siblings in this family. The kids were dynamic, funny, and obviously supportive of one another. I didn't have to work hard at all to capture the friendship between them!


Overall, I had such a wonderful time with this beautiful family, and I couldn't be happier that I had a chance to meet them, capture them, and get to know them. 


Thank you, guys, for trusting me to do this. I wish you all nothing but the best -- you were amazing!