Chalain + Alina: Mommy & Me

The moment I saw this location, I knew it'd be perfect for my first Mommy & Me session. 

Since moving to Seattle, I've so missed photographing people, and Chalain and her daughter, Alina, were the perfect people to jump back into things with. Chalain was calm, patient, and sweet, and Alina was precocious, funny, and so enthusiastic that it was contagious. 

These two made it so easy to capture the love and closeness between them! I've always felt that there is something special about the connection between a mother and her child, and this session proved me right a number of times. 


Around the end of our session, we stumbled upon a small pond, surrounded by almost fairytale-like greenery. Everything the two did together in this area looked like something out of a storybook; I was honestly making small gasps and excited noises in between every shot -- I probably sounded a little strange, but c'mon!


By the end of the day, Alina was ready for the lady with the camera to get out of her face, as children usually are. She still smiled and cuddled her mother, but she was definitely ready to go. Taking my cues from her, I snapped a couple more shots, and then bid her and her mother a fond farewell. According to Chalain, Alina still stayed awake the whole way home!


Thank you again, Chalain and Alina, for entrusting me to take your photos. These were beyond beautiful, and so were you. I wish you two only the best.