The Cook Family

As natives to Washington, the Cooks were an invaluable well of ideas as we brainstormed for their session. When we realized we were planning to meet on the last day of Washington's famed tulip festival, we immediately decided it was time to take advantage!

The festival was a whirl of color and sunlight, and the Cooks looked fantastic. This family of four wasted no time nailing shot after shot after shot.

One thing I especially loved about this family was their obvious closeness. Mom and Dad especially were almost magical in their apparent love and devotion to each other.

There was so much laughter in every shot! A number of times, I had to stop myself before I actually took any photos, because my chuckling was shaking the camera. 


The two sons were so incredibly smart, and some of the sweetest kids I've ever met. They seemed just as excited to be out there as I was, and were so open and creative. Working with them was a total joy in and of itself!


By the time we went home, I felt more like I'd been spending time with family than I did with clients, and that's one my favorite parts of my job -- getting to know the people I work with personally, and forging new friendships is something many professions don't offer. I feel so incredibly lucky that I get to do this for a living.

Thank you so much to this wonderful family for being such incredible people. You have one heck of an amazing family.