The Schapers

When Mom, who is another successful photographer in my area, asked me to photograph her family, I was excited and --let's be honest--nervous. There's something about shooting another photographer's family that makes you feel like you need to be on your absolute best behavior. 

Those nerves were needless though. On top of being incredibly sweet, this family was picture perfect and ready to pose, consisting of Mom, Dad, a precocious and funny 4-year-old, and a set of twin toddlers. 

The children of course tired of sitting still for me pretty early on, as children do, and so I made sure to take small breaks to photograph them just doing whatever they felt like doing at the moment. The tall grass in this location (one that Mom so kindly shared with me) made for some fun toys, and created a gorgeous backdrop for two of my favorite photos to date:

When the children got bored, we made sure to move to a different part of the location. It was amazingly different from where we'd first started, with it's green grass and pale white rocks. A field and a park all in one place? Be still my heart.

I honestly couldn't get enough of the love in this family. Mom was a wonderful leader, and Dad was so incredibly patient and dedicated. They were the perfect parents to shoot with, and I think their kids agreed. 

When the kids tired of listening to a boring old photographer (read: me), we let them play, and Mom and Dad got a chance to shoot for a bit. It was incredibly obvious that these two were a tight team, and best friends besides.

Eventually, it was the twins' bedtime, and we had to say goodbye. All in all, this shoot was a perfect blend of exciting and effortless, the location was beautiful, and so was the family. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my evening. Not that I would want to.

Bring on another perfectly cloudy day. It doesn't get any better than this.