The Davis Family

It was 39 degrees outside when my good friend and assistant, Gabrielle, and I showed up to shoot the Davis family. It became horribly obvious that we would need to shoot indoors. Luckily, I'd brought all we needed.

I spread my soft, plush blanket on the ground and quickly set up my beauty dish modifier. We had a perfect little spot for Mom, Dad, and their two-year-old son to sit, directly in front of their beautiful Christmas tree.

Z, their son, laughed at my plans. He was having none of it. 

As I have a two-year-old of my own, I'd already figured this might happen, and it immediately became a game of cat-and-mouse for me and Gabrielle. He would move, she would reposition the light, and I would immediately reposition myself and shoot. Move, position, shoot. Move, position, shoot. Sometimes, Z would figure out what I was doing and quickly dash away, laughing as my camera caught only a blur. Sometimes, he would sit still for a couple seconds, and I would catch a great shot. You just never knew, and honestly, I sort of liked it that way.

Eventually, Z figured out that the excitement was somewhere else in the house, and he jetted away. No amount of promises or bribery from Mom and Dad could get him to come back. So we decided to make him a little jealous by only shooting Mom and Dad. 

It worked like a charm. Z slowly made his way back, and stared throwing himself into shots willy-nilly as if to say "if I'm not in these then you don't get to have them!" Even his insistence at being in photos was hilariously cute. 

In the end, though, Z did rejoin our session, and our final shots were filled with laughter and some great poses.

I've mentioned before that I love the intimacy of in-home shoots, and this was no different. Watching Z zoom from room to room was funny and challenging, and the love between the three was as much fun to feel as it was to capture. 

You totally put me in the holiday spirit, guys. Thank you for having me in your home.