Laura, Bryan, and Sophie

Pretty far north of where I live, there's a ranch.

This ranch is owned by Laura's parents, and it is sprawling and beautiful. Here, cows graze peacefully as the sun rises over dewy grass and light fog. Here, I have the privilege of shooting Laura's little family. Here, her daughter, Sophie, is having none of this posing stuff. 

But you know what? That's okay. Kids don't like to sit still -- to be honest, I only do to a degree. So we quickly changed things up. Instead, we let Sophie lead us wherever she wanted. If she wanted to run, we let her run. If she wanted to play, we let her play. After all, what mattered most is that she looked happy, right?

It took some finagling of camera settings, but Sophie's playfulness and excitement at being allowed to explore turned out to be an exciting and funny change from the usual sit-and-smile formula most family portraits call for. We were even able to capture some fun shots in a beautiful truck Laura's father had restored. 


The color of the truck popped thanks to the rising sun. It added a brightness to this family's already sunny disposition, and it was a brilliant idea on Laura's part to incorporate it.

Things got real, though, when we broke out the Gator.

Sophie has a small Power Wheels-esque riding mower that she gleefully rode for the remainder of the shoot. I received the widest smiles during her time in it.

We were even able to get a few full family shots, including parents and grandparents!

I ended this shoot covered in dew, grass, and dirt. I was sweating despite the cool morning air. I couldn't have felt happier. Shooting this vibrant, funny family in such a beautiful place is something most jobs don't offer as a perk,much less as a requirement.  

It was a good day for sure. 


Thank you, you three. Work should always be this fun.