Danielle & Harley

Sometimes, plans change. 

Danielle and I had originally planned on shooting engagement photos, but her fiance wasn't able to make it. She asked if we could instead turn our session into a mother-daughter shoot. I'm so incredibly happy we did. 

Danielle and her daughter, Harley, had such a fun, funny relationship that I at times felt as if I spent more time laughing with them than I did shooting. You hear about mothers and daughters having a deep friendship, but seeing it in person is another, more enjoyable animal altogether. 

The sky was perfectly cloudy, and so my light modifier sat off on a hill while we made use of the diffused light. My assistant and friend, Gabrielle, wound up patiently lugging it from place to place for no reason, but I also accidentally laid in an anthill, so I'd like to think things evened out.

My favorite part of shooting these two was, without a doubt, the fact that very minimal direction was needed. The moment I told them I wanted realistic, honest interaction, their closeness shone through in every shot after. 

Sometimes, plans change. And sometimes, you're lucky enough for those new plans to be as great as the old ones. Thank you, Danielle and Harley, for a shoot filled with laughter and love. Your relationship is a special one, and I'm honored that I was able to capture a fraction of it.