Lacey & Donnie (and Vic)

Home photoshoots are a special breed. There's a comfort that can come in incredibly handy, especially when you need to capture a more relaxed side of a couple.

This is exactly what I needed when capturing Lacey and Donnie, a very casual, funny, and mellow couple who just didn't say "giggling kisses and fields of flowers" to me. Their happiness and their satisfaction comes mainly from being in each other's presence. I witnessed Donnie make Lacey laugh riotously only by uttering a word in a deadpan tone, which is a certain closeness you don't get to witness often. 

Yet another fun thing about shooting in someone's home is the little surprises that present themselves, that add to the intimacy in their own way. Lacey and Donnie's son, Victor, realized quite quickly that many of these pictures were horribly devoid of his presence, and we immediately set about rectifying this issue.

Vic's presence added a certain light to his parents' interactions that was extra playful and incredibly bright. It isn't something I would've gotten in a random field of wildflowers or by a babbling brook; this was where we needed to be to catch this couple, this little family, as they truly are. 

Since we were shooting indoors, we were able to make the most of the stunning light streaming in through the windows for much longer than we would've otherwise, and Lacey's comfort with the camera also shone through just as brightly. By angling ourselves just inside of the bright sunlight, we were able to give everything a diffused, bright hue that complimented these two perfectly.


Catching Lacey, Donnie, and Victor in their element was the perfect way to go. There's an affection and a harmony that we all tend to reserve for our time at home that we don't regularly allow to show otherwise. Seeing it and being a part of it this time was an honor, and I wish this beautiful clan nothing but the best.