Introducing our Class of 2019 Senior Ambassador Team!

It's been quite a while since I've last reached out, hasn't it? Acclimating to my new home in Portland has been some pretty busy work! 

While I've been busy with quite a bit, the latest has involved getting to know my senior ambassadors. I'm extremely lucky to get to know them all, and it's been so great working with each of their personalities in each session. If you'd like to know each of them (which is why I'm assuming you're here!), read on: 

Alexia - Rex Putnam High School


This funny, bright, fun young lady has a heart of gold and a giving spirit. On top of being a girl scout and a boy scout, she's also a volunteer with the Autism Society and the Autism cub scout group. She also volunteers with her church around the holidays, and doesn't hesitate to help others in any other way she can. She had us all laughing pretty much nonstop during her entire session. 


Amanda - Oregon City High School


Amanda is probably one of the best communicators I've ever met. She's responsible- yet easy-going, kind, and sweet. She's also a girl scout, and describes herself as "confident, Christian, funny, and responsible," all of which I'd definitely agree with! 


Maddison - Corbett High School


Maddison and I met on Instagram (if you didn't know I have one, I do! @abradfordphotography), and I'm so glad we did. She's whip-smart and friendly, and her own Instagram is a real testament to her own talent with photography. She also helps her mother sometimes with running their adorable home goods store, which you should totally check out if you're in the Corbett area!


Jayden - Sam Barlow High School


Jayden is always on the go. When he isn't playing sports (football, soccer, and track -- down from more, apparently!), he's working and going to school. He also is a fire cadet for his local police department, and aspires to be a firefighter after he graduates. He's a definite reminder of how I lucked out with my kids this summer, and I loved working with him. 


Each of these seniors will be around this site from time to time, and if you or your senior go to school with them, be sure to reach out. And to anyone reading this who may be graduating in 2019, good luck and go get 'em! It's going to be an amazing year for you. 

The Gligoreas

Sometimes, you have those clients with whom you just click. 

The Gligoreas were a family of such clients; from the moment I met them, I liked them. Our consult was over a few beers and punctuated with a a number of jokes and plenty of laughter. They hadn't had family photos done before, and now that their daughter was turning one,  they wanted to change that. They also wanted to take advantage of the like-no-other Fall season here in Oregon, and I was more than happy to accommodate that.

We met bright and early on a cold (for me, anyway) Sunday morning and jumped straight into their family session in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Their adorable baby girl found the leaves especially wonderful. 

baby_leaves_lake oswego
baby_leaves_lake oswego

 She was not the biggest fan of me or the weather, though, and she quickly lost interest in the annoying lady with the camera. Mom and Dad did an amazing job calming her down, though, and it made for some of the sweetest moments I've been lucky enough to catch on camera to date. 

family_session_lake oswego
family_hug_lake oswego
baby_daddy_lake oswego

After some snuggle time with Mom and Dad, baby Josephine was ready to smile and pose for me again, and we had a great time getting up close and personal for a while. 

smile_baby_lake oswego
smile_baby_lake oswego

After that, though, she was ready to go home, and the sun was getting high. I said my goodbyes to this sweet family and headed home, reminded once again that families like this one make my work worthwhile. I can't be any luckier than I am to be able to do this for the amazing families out here in the Portland Metro area. 

family session_lake oswego

Thanks a million, you beautiful family. I'm lucky to know you. 

Boudoir is Here!

I'm so excited to announce that beginning in October, Arianna Bradford Photography will be offering boudoir sessions to Portland and surrounding areas! This has been in the works for some time, and I'm SO excited to share this with you all. 

It's so incredibly important to me that we love ourselves as fully as we can. Boudoir sessions are a fantastic way to see yourself in a light you may not often think to, and the confidence that comes with these sessions is indispensable. 

In honor of what I'm sure will be an amazing and exciting change, ABP is choosing five (5) people for introductory sessions during October and November. These sessions will include full hair and makeup, two to three hours of session time in a home studio, and a $200 print credit. The usual $350 session fee will be also be waived! If you're interested, fill out the contact form, and you'll receive a questionnaire that you'll need to fill out. 


If you don't receive one of these sessions, don't worry! The service is here to stay. And here's what you can expect: 

Full hair and makeup services in every package: You deserve to feel like a celebrity during your session. I've partnered with some of the most talented artists in the business to make sure you're shining!

Fun and creative posing in privacy and comfort: Every session is run in my home studio on Happy Valley, Oregon. I'll be by your side as much as you need for posing, light direction, and to keep you pumped throughout the whole thing!

Complimentary champagne and/or chocolate-covered strawberries with select packages: Our upper two packages include these, and of course, they're amazingly delicious! Packages start at $900

- Planning consult, in-person ordering, and hand delivery: New service, same great treatment. I'll be there to ensure we capture who you are as best as we can, and that you walk away with art that will mean the most to you even years into the future. 

You are beautiful, and I'd love to help capture that. Try for the introductory sessions, or reserve a regular session -- either way, as always, I can't wait to work with you!

Canvas, Metals, and Fine Art -- Oh my: Products available through Arianna Bradford Photography

If you're meeting me for the first time, we'll inevitably get to talking about how very important it is to preserve your memories through print. Your images aren't meant to sit on a USB stick or on the internet forever -- it's so crucial to ensure that generations are able to look back at your art years and years from now!

I know, I know...what exactly does that mean, though? What kind of lasting gifts are we talking about here?

There are a number of options available to you that I'm happy to talk about during your personal consult, but for today, I'd love to introduce you to three of my most popular options:


                                                 Shown: Size 30x40 canvas gallery wrap

                                                 Shown: Size 30x40 canvas gallery wrap

As durable, vibrant, and elegant as it is, it's no surprise to anyone that canvas is a mainstay in homes everywhere. With or without a frame, it commands attention without being too flashy or gaudy, and it lasts for years -- and who wouldn't want that?

Fine Art Prints

                                      Shown: Styrene-mounted 20x30 fine art print

                                      Shown: Styrene-mounted 20x30 fine art print

For a richer, more delicate, museum-quality feel, you can't go wrong with a fine art print. Mounted on 3mm of styrene, these prints are sturdier than simple paper and ready for a beautiful, open-faced frame. It's almost like having your own art exhibit hanging on your very own walls!


Metal Prints

                                                           Shown: 20x30 Metal Print

                                                           Shown: 20x30 Metal Print

When you like your art with a little shine, metal prints will steal your heart. Colors are more vibrant, whites are whiter, and subjects pop. Metals are actually quite lightweight as well, and are highly customizable with options like acrylic (thick, clear material) fronts and white gloss bases (the print above was made with a white gloss base!). These are perfect for someone who loves art, but loves to set theirs apart from the crowd.


While these three options are the most popular, options also include albums, print boxes, acrylic blocks, and more. Your art should fit your home -- after all, it's just a house until your memories grace the halls -- and the walls. :)


Jamin's Senior Portrait Session

Upon meeting Jamin (pronounced JAY-min), I knew I was going to have a great session on my hands. Besides being a good-looking, athletic (he plays both football and basketball!) young man,  Jamin smiles so easily and jokes so well that I hardly had to push him to laugh. And, of course, the real laughter is the best kind to capture. 


Perhaps the person who got the best laughs out of Jamin, though, was his mother. Their relationship was something to aspire to -- they riffed off of each other and knew how to crack each other up with little to no effort. To get this shot, all I had to do was ask Jamin's mother to stand behind him and make him laugh. She did the rest: 


The sun began to beat down, so we headed inside. Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle has a beautiful glass building that we took great joy in using. Outside, there were views of the park and a gorgeous cityscape:


And inside, there was an artsy, metropolitan feel everywhere you looked. 


By the end of the session, the afternoon sun was officially beating at its hottest, but we were all in high spirits. As we walked back to the parking lot together, I watched Mom lovingly straighten Jamin's shirt as they laughed together about jokes they were throwing back and forth. It reminded me of how important it really is to have someone who believes in you and supports you wholeheartedly; Jamin has such support in his mother and such natural talent, I don't doubt he'll go incredibly far. 


Good luck, Jamin. Not that you'll need it. You've got some amazing places left to go. 

N's Senior Portrait Session

So I taught high school for a very short stint. Okay, I substitute taught. And I loved every minute of it. Maybe I was just lucky, but every class I had was filled to the brim with funny, bright, clever kids who riffed with me like professional comedians. Every day was an absolute blast. 

When I first met N (who asked that her full name not be used for privacy reasons), she took me back to those days in the classroom. Where most of my consults are about getting to know one another, this one felt more like meeting up with someone I'd known for awhile. N's easy smile, sharp wit, and hilariously offbeat sense of humor were great, and wanted nothing more than to capture that during our senior portrait session. 


Another amazing thing about this girl: she and her mother are history and drama buffs, and so it was imperative that the wardrobe be anything but ordinary. When she arrived with this beautiful dress, I knew we were going to wind up with something special. 


Golden Gardens Park in Seattle had a beautiful beach that allowed us to showcase not only her dress, but how her presence interacted with her surroundings. 


So many times, people stopped her to tell her how beautiful she looked, and as true as it already was, it became more so the more she heard it. Her smile was wider, her laugh became louder, and it was infectious. Every time I see images from this session of her laughing, I still smile a little myself.


It started to get cold shortly after, and so we had to head home. We walked back to her mother's car together -- her, her mother, and I -- laughing and joking. It honestly felt as if we'd been there for a much shorter time than we were. By the time I'd climbed into my own car, I'd realized just how great it was getting to meet N and her mother. I can't say enough how lucky I feel to get to meet people like them every time I work. 


To N and her mother: thank you both for entrusting me with this. It was an absolute joy to have worked with you.

Arianna Bradford Photography's Move to Happy Valley, Oregon!

"Wait...didn't you just move?"

Um...yes. Surprise?

My family and I have had many curves in the last year, but this last one was a doozy. We've recently bought a house and moved to beautiful Happy Valley, Oregon! Thankfully, this is our last move, and it's a great place to wind up if I do say so myself -- family-friendly and just plain friendly, this suburb of Portland is an incredible place to raise children. 

I honestly can't wait to capture new family portraits, senior portraits, and child portraits with all of my wonderful new neighbors. 

I do still plan on working in Seattle from time to time, so I hope that if you want to work with me, you'll still sign up for my newsletter or keep an eye out here -- I'll definitely let everyone know!

If you're reading this and thinking of reserving a session with me, hi! Don't be shy! Reach out through the "contact" link, and let's capture some incredible memories together. I can't wait to meet you!

The Manleys' Family Photo Session

It's amazingly easy to become taken with the Manley Family. 

During our family portrait session, there was a comfort and a closeness that reminded me of why I do so love my line of work. Mom, Dad, and their three children (and, at times, their sweet doggie) were a blast to capture, and seemed so happy to be there -- it was infectious!


We shot in Seattle's gorgeous and sprawling Greenlake Park, which made for a varied and interesting session. 


Perhaps my favorite thing about this session was the closeness between the siblings in this family. The kids were dynamic, funny, and obviously supportive of one another. I didn't have to work hard at all to capture the friendship between them!


Overall, I had such a wonderful time with this beautiful family, and I couldn't be happier that I had a chance to meet them, capture them, and get to know them. 


Thank you, guys, for trusting me to do this. I wish you all nothing but the best -- you were amazing!

The Cook Family

As natives to Washington, the Cooks were an invaluable well of ideas as we brainstormed for their session. When we realized we were planning to meet on the last day of Washington's famed tulip festival, we immediately decided it was time to take advantage!

The festival was a whirl of color and sunlight, and the Cooks looked fantastic. This family of four wasted no time nailing shot after shot after shot.

One thing I especially loved about this family was their obvious closeness. Mom and Dad especially were almost magical in their apparent love and devotion to each other.

There was so much laughter in every shot! A number of times, I had to stop myself before I actually took any photos, because my chuckling was shaking the camera. 


The two sons were so incredibly smart, and some of the sweetest kids I've ever met. They seemed just as excited to be out there as I was, and were so open and creative. Working with them was a total joy in and of itself!


By the time we went home, I felt more like I'd been spending time with family than I did with clients, and that's one my favorite parts of my job -- getting to know the people I work with personally, and forging new friendships is something many professions don't offer. I feel so incredibly lucky that I get to do this for a living.

Thank you so much to this wonderful family for being such incredible people. You have one heck of an amazing family.

Chalain + Alina: Mommy & Me

The moment I saw this location, I knew it'd be perfect for my first Mommy & Me session. 

Since moving to Seattle, I've so missed photographing people, and Chalain and her daughter, Alina, were the perfect people to jump back into things with. Chalain was calm, patient, and sweet, and Alina was precocious, funny, and so enthusiastic that it was contagious. 

These two made it so easy to capture the love and closeness between them! I've always felt that there is something special about the connection between a mother and her child, and this session proved me right a number of times. 


Around the end of our session, we stumbled upon a small pond, surrounded by almost fairytale-like greenery. Everything the two did together in this area looked like something out of a storybook; I was honestly making small gasps and excited noises in between every shot -- I probably sounded a little strange, but c'mon!


By the end of the day, Alina was ready for the lady with the camera to get out of her face, as children usually are. She still smiled and cuddled her mother, but she was definitely ready to go. Taking my cues from her, I snapped a couple more shots, and then bid her and her mother a fond farewell. According to Chalain, Alina still stayed awake the whole way home!


Thank you again, Chalain and Alina, for entrusting me to take your photos. These were beyond beautiful, and so were you. I wish you two only the best.